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From Slots to Public Safety: Makeover at The Old MGM Grand

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The new headquarters for Detroit's police, fire and EMS personnel, is the old headquarters for slots, dice and debauchery. The former MGM Grand Detroit casino building is getting a facelift in honor of the fresh start, which should be complete by September. Said Beth DunCombe, director of the Detroit Building Authority.

"It's going to be very attractive, and it's going to look very modern, and our goal is to completely change the exterior of the building, so it is not going to look anything like what you saw in the past."Well that's not too evident yet, but we'll hold out hope for some facelift magic.Turns out this is the building's second nip/tuck: it was originally the IRS Data Center. Freep explains that, the "new state-of-the-art police headquarters will be the administrative branch for the department, and prisoners will not be processed at this location," a statement we have to disagree with based on out previous experience at desk jobs. Hard time in cubicle land? No thanks! We're on parole and we are not going back. · Old casino building gets new look as public safety headquarters [Freep]
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