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"Stone Hedge" Mansion Drops $20 K From The Ask

It's like getting the eleventh bedroom for free! The former mansion of Walter O. Briggs, the entrepreneur that was once the sole owner of the Detroit Tigers, just cut $20,000 from the asking price. If you are in need of a 9,638 square-foot manor, we can't think of one more lovely on the market right now. Here's a little amenity recap: nine fireplaces, paneled walls, tapestry walls, elaborate crown moldings, and an elevator (just to name a few). The last time we wrote about this place, we mentioned the spooky wooden heads, to which a commenter responded that they are Babe Ruth, Ty Cobbs, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig. And she would know, so it seems, because it was her grandfather's home.

· The Lavish "Stone Hedge" Mansion Of Former Tigers Owner Walter O. Briggs Can Be Yours For Less Than $500 K [Curbed Detroit]

Stone Hedge

700 W Boston Blvd , Detroit, MI 48202