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The Cary Building Joins A Long List Of Detroit Brick Droppers

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Downtown— A tipster sends in these photos of a roped off sidewalk taken yesterday outside the Cary Building, built in 1906 by a real estate speculator named Frank M. Cary. The tipster writes that on Tuesday, "I saw some bricks smashed on the sidewalk at the corner of Gratiot and Broadway – they appear to have fallen from the Cary building. I talked to a woman sweeping-up the mess and she confirmed. I couldn't make-out what part of the building they came from. Getting hit by a falling brick after a massage at the Broadway Wellness Center would really suck!"

We have to agree. That would really suck. Or as a DetroitYESSER said: bricks falling after your massage "= not so happy ending after all." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Cary Lofts

1301 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226