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$750/Month On What is Called the "Best" Street in Corktown

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While this listing would have benefited from some interior photos, it certainly knew just what to say to get our attention. (And that exterior is too cute!) It begins by offering 1,100 square feet at just $750/month which includes three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a small utility room. But they really had us with the line, "the "best" street in Corktown." Better than all the rest? Looks like we are talking Leverette between 10th Street and Trumbull. Do Corktowners agree? To recap, here you can walk to all the Michigan Ave attractions, like Slows [Somehow in this post it became Sloe's] Astro Coffee, the Lager House and the Sugar House. Also nearby are St. CeCe's and the MGM Grand. A pretty bad-ass selection in terms of Detroit! But to be best block, you must have more! We've been down this street enough times to know it has architectural character and greenery worth boasting about. Anyone seen a different contender? As for the house, we expect they'll be getting some calls soon. Report back if you get a look inside.

· $750 / 3br - 1100ft² - Historical Corktown-3 b.r. huge 2 story flat! [Craigslist]