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It's a Deadline Day For Some Homeowners To Repair Blight

We're finally seeing the Detroit Works Project (a city neighborhood development plan of Mayor Bing's) get to work. Well, at least they have sent inspectors to southwest neighborhoods to look for blight violations and write up the owners. The Freep reports that the deadline is TODAY for making those repairs on notices that arrived mid-April. But this is not a city-wide effort, the target areas for these notices are Bagley, Detroit Golf Club, Palmer Woods and the University District; Boston-Edison, the North End and Virginia Park, and southwest Detroit and Hubbard Farms. However, this far this year the city has issued about 6,000 correction notices which include The Villages hoods. While the interviewees in the article do not dispute being in violation of the Detroit property maintenance code and/or (the) official zoning ordinance, they are quite pissed about not having more time to fix up, especially in cases where the notices came late. A City official claims that is the result of being understaffed on their part.

· Detroit violations notices call for homeowners to get up to code -- now [Freep]