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Brooklyn Street Local Changes It Up With New Wall Art

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A Tipster alerted us to this post on Detroit Typography, revealing that one wall of Brooklyn Street Local, the upcoming breakfast/lunch joint in Corktown, replaced the old green paint with something entirely new. And recently! Innovating already and they are not even opened for business yet? Owner Jason Yates explains that just three days ago an artist named “Reyes” whose work has also been spotted in Hamtramck. A local had suggested the location to the artist and the organization he works with and they called Jason to get permission to go for it. We like that the color scheme compliments the new red job on Michigan Ave at Hoots on the Avenue McShane's Pub. Will the whole hood adopt a color-coordinated scheme? It's not like there are not other facades that could use some spiffing. · Corktown's Next New Thing, Brooklyn Street Local, Has a Thing For Craigslist Finds [Curbed Detroit]
· Red Alert! New Paint at The Old "Hoots on The Avenue" [Curbed Detroit]

The Brooklyn Street

1266 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48217