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Pluto Pimps a Lofty Detroit Office & Does A Party Right!

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Photographs by Andrew Kopietz.

When a Birmingham creative firm opens a second office in Detroit, it is time to party! And last night that is just what we and about 300 creative-ish others did in a lofty space with high ceilings and great views of the Detroit River. Pluto is firm that does post production (all the parts of film-making after the shooting video part), and they've just finished renovating an office on the fourth floor of the rather rad building mostly taken up with by The Display Group. In case you have not shot a movie recently, you may not know that TDG is the place to go to rent props and pretty much any sort of stage-setting decor item: life-size Motown singer figures, tiki bars, greco-roman statues, a horse! They take up a whopping 200,000 square feet of the building, which means party goers got to wander by a selection of the goods on the way to the bathrooms. Unique!

We were pretty sure the architecture and views would be what everyone was talking about next day: gigantic windows, high ceilings, glassed-in office suites, a slick kitchen and a plethora of rather fresh-smelling spruce panels. Then Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. played. And kinda stole the show. In any case, office envy was rampant, the bars were flowing, and eventually people were dancing. It's an ideal party space though that second bar is temporary and Pluto does intend to use the office for real work too. It's set up for at least 10 employees for now and can be expanded for more team members depending on the project. Nothing against Birmingham, but we'd put in for our transfer ASAP in order to be on the scene for 4th of July. By then the team also might be done planting an urban garden to the side of the building, which we applaud. This place is just on the border of the newly named hood known asCorktown Shores so it's great to see investment in beautification of a burgeoning area. Especially one with sliders.

· Pluto [Official]
· Andrew Kopietz / Photographer [Official]