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Detroit Art City

MOCAD is going to honor the late artist Mike Kelley (who committed suicide in January) with an almost precise replica of his childhood suburban ranch home. The Detroit-born artist's real former family home is in the suburb of Westland but an art version of it with a detachable part that will sometimes journey through Detroit will be under construction starting in June. The home is expected to open by early 2013 and the “Mobile Homestead” project is being carried forward by MOCAD with help from the London-based art philanthropy Artangel and the Luma Foundation, a nonprofit based in Switzerland. “Mike had an uneasy, conflicted relationship to lots of situations — not least his native city of Detroit,” said James Lingwood, a co-director of Artangel. “ ‘Mobile Homestead’ was conceived to embody this unease in a characteristically complex and robust way.” [NY Times]