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The State of Detroit: 'Nuff Said About Ruin, Now Let's Talk About The Lab of Rebuilding

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The Atlantic Cities is not your yawn-inducing planner babble site for coverage of urban issues. Quite frankly, we'd be hard pressed to find a national outlet that does a better job of being smart and entertaining on topics like transit, long-term city planning, sprawl, etc. So we're intrigued by the new all-about-Detroit series, Detroit Rising, of which the first video installment rolled out yesterday. It is called "State of Detroit" and Atlantic Senior Editor Richard Florida essentially says we are past the point of Detroit's ruin being the interesting part ('nuff been said 'bout that!) and that it is on to becoming a laboratory of rebuilding. He is talking to us from the print shop, Signal-Return at Eastern Market and explains:

Great economic crises are generational events. We're only four or five years into this one, and already you can see the seeds of renewal and revitalization. And up from the bootstraps! It is not like there was any big government plan to remake Detroit. In fact, most government plans hurt the city over time. It's really the efforts of creative people. So give yourself a pat on the back if you are a creative creative and thank so much, from us, for doing it without help from the guv'ment. Our take on this series so far? Not much new info but at least the tone is right: it's positive about turn-around without being obnoxiously boosterish.

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