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Mapnificent Tool Shows Why Detroiters Drive Everywhere

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As we just confirmed via mapquest, you can get from downtown Detroit (Woodward and Jefferson) to Hamtramck in 11 minutes by car (it is 6 miles). But the map above is showing you that even if you rode public transit for 30 minutes, you still would not be there. Meet Mapnificent a new google-map tool designed to show you how far you can get from a pin point by taking public transit for a given period. We used 30 minutes, but you can set it for 15 minutes, and hour, etc. As you might imagine, the tool does not make Detroit transit too appealing. But it does point out that some areas are better off than others. Drag the map pin around to test out your hood. Any winners out there when it comes to getting around? Also, has anyone figured out a way to get this thing to map a donut circle around downtown for those that just want to ride the Person Mover all morning?

If you want a look beyond our transit failings, The Atlantic Cities blog has screen grabs from 20 cities mapped for 30 minutes of transit riding.

Update! While TAL, is still saying this is a "new" website, intern Daniel says he has been using it for a year and a half. Sorry for the slightly old news. We now return you to the weather report.

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