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Meijer to Share Big-Ass Parking Lot With a McDonald's

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After the excitement of the Whole Foods groundbreaking on Monday we were concerned that the second grocery groundbreaking of the week would feel second rate. But the Gateway Market place at Woodward and Eight Mile is not just a grocery store. It may be the future home of Meijer, but this big suburban-style behemoth has so much more! What is that you are wondering? The Crain's article about yesterday's groundbreaking reveals that the 350,000 square-foot development will include a McDonald's in the parking lot. Try and serve fast food in you tiny midtown parking lot, Whole Foods!

This venture took a whole 10 years to get to this stage. Part of the hold up was that a Chicago-based developer dropped out and then J.C. Penney dropped out back in 2008. The project is now on-track with Redico LLC as the developer.

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