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Detroit's "Crackheads" Signs Are Back in The Local News

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CBS Local Detroit news has picked up the the story of the Detroit signs that warn about Crackhead Infestations. But it seems to be pretty much the same story that Fox News ran last summer. When the story ran last year, Fox reported that the signs were

now getting national attention after a snapshot was posted on the Media Take Out blog. Some say the signs create just another opportunity for the world to laugh at Detroit, and as you can imagine, that's making more than a few Detroiters mad. The story explained that neighbors planned to take down the sings in the next few days. Now it seems they have been recycled and slapped up on top of other signs. Yesterday's story explains that one man put the Crackhead warning signs up in the area of Cardoni and 8 Mile, just east of I-75, on top of more positive community activism signs. The Fox angle was essentially that residents were "fighting for their community!" while the CBS angle seems to be about one lone weirdo on a mission. We're pretty disturbed by multiple things going on here. But let's just take a moment to talk about what the others seem to miss in this story.

If you look down at the bottom, they've got a myspace page for the Crackhead warning sign effort: Now that is sad. As if the drugs and crime were not bad enough, it seems like this part of town is stuck in an outdated internet era. Someone please go lead a seminar on new media tools like Kickstarter and Facebook. We'd do it ourselves, but as it turns out we have to lead a seminar at CBS news about story recycling.

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