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Six-Bedroom Scripps-Ellis Home Lists For Less Than $200 K

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The famous wealthy Scripps family gave Detroit The Detroit News and helped found the Detroit Institute of Arts. The home known as The Scripps Mansion is in Lake Orion MI, but the family had another grand, old home right here in Detroit built in 1916. And now it can be yours for the jaw-dropping price of $195,500 (it is in foreclosure!) Listed just this week, the six-bedroom home is a whopping 12,000 square feet with a library, three fireplaces, and a carriage house. The listing says it "needs some work," which a neighbor translated for us to, "it needs a whole kitchen because the last one was completely ripped out." He continues that there is a lot of original, un-painted wood and hardware, but it needs a crapload of plaster work and floor refinishing. · 2535 Iroquois St [Realtor]

Scripps-Ellis Home

2535 Iroquois St, Detroit, MI