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Canada Pissed About So-Called Windsor Hum, Blames Zug Island in The Detroit River

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Been listening to a lot of Barry White recently? Or was that just Michigan's sound assault on Windsor Canada, the city just across the river from Detroit: The Hum. "Hmmmm what is that, you say?"

The so-called Windsor hum, described as a low-frequency rumbling sound, has rattled windows and knocked objects off shelves in this border community just across the Detroit River from the Motor City. Locals have said it sounds like a large diesel truck idling, a loud boom box or the bass vocals of Barry White. Even weirder, Americans can't seem to hear it. Canadians find that suspicious—especially since their research suggests the hum is coming from the Yankees' side—and accuse U.S. officials of staying silent over the noise.

The sound has been annoying Windsor for two years, and interrupted at least one man's enjoyment of the National Basketball Association playoffs. But now three months of seismic studies conducted by Canadians may have finally found the source! It is likely coming from Zug Island, a nearly 600-acre man-made island on the Michigan side of the Detroit River. BUT! Now American is saying, "not so fast whiney Windsor, it ain't us!" Also, "noise? What noise?" And furthermore: "that might cost money to fix and Michigan does not have any." · Canadians Make a Racket Over Mysterious 'Windsor Hum' [Wall Street Journal]