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Henry Ford Begins Expansion Process With Big Demo Effort

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The Henry Ford Health System is demolishing whole streets in the area surrounding the New Center neighborhood in preparation for expansion. Two years ago, Model D told us that the Hospital was planning to spend $500 million to improve the campus and create a 300-acre residential, retail and business development south of the hospital. The News has no updates yet on if the plans have changed but says that in a month Henry Ford will release the details. From talking to the construction crew, it seems they have gathered that Henry Ford bought area homes, boarded them up, and has now sent the WARM training center crew to deconstruct them. Oddly enough, the"Wayne County Register of Deeds had no record of who purchased the properties," which sounds fishy. If the development plans have not changed, we should be able to look forward a partnership in which the health system works with developers to "revitalize 300 acres with a mix of residential, retail and commercial space." But for now, development talk centers around that central Detroit question. Where to park? That's right. One of the first projects could be a parking deck.

· Henry Ford puts expansion into motion in New Center [The Detroit News]
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