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Screen%20Shot%202012-05-22%20at%201.23.53%20PM.pngIn an article about stolen art, the Farmington Hills tax attorney that owns the Brooklyn Lofts a loft building in Corktown gives a quote to the effect that he would never live in the city. Richard Rollin's rental building is off Michigan and Trumbell, and is advertised on The Loft Place. is a three-story building across from the Grinnell Lofts. He could not live there himself as he collects art and this city collects thieves. "I have some Warhols, but I don't keep them in my building," Rollins said Tuesday. "I don't think anyone should have a serious collection in Corktown. I think Detroit is the most dangerous city in the United States." Well it's nice to know that renters in the Murder Capital of America will afford you Warhols; we're looking into Loft building listings right now for all of you that want in on art collecting. UPDATE: Locals are saying the Detroit News got the buildings mixed up. The Brooklyn Street Lofts are owned by Dennis Kefallinos, Rollins owns a different loft building at the corner of Brooklyn Street and Michigan, which is not advertised on the Loft Place. [The Detroit News]