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D:hive Shows Off a Renovated Detroit Welcome Center

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The new Detroit Welcome center, D:hive, launches tomorrow in a space on Woodward Ave where the windows have been covered in 4,000 Post-It Notes since December. It's a re-brand and re-launch of the Inside Detroit organization that ran city tours for six years. Now the D:Hive organization will do all that ID did and more; they've added services to help people find jobs, rental apartments and business connections. You might say the unofficial tag-line is "just live and work here already." D:Hive got a three-year grant from the Hudson-Webber Foundation to operate, which fortunately meant an office renovation was in order. The space on the ground floor of the Lofts at Merchants Row building has been spiffed up in many ways, but the best part is an installation by Virtuoso Design + Build, a Detroit firm led by Mark Klimkowski. With a project budget of $8,000 he created the dividers between the work spaces with pine from Brooks lumber. D:hive has a website up now, but a new one launches tomorrow so check back for that content on finding an apartment in the city. They're aiming to cast a wide net beyond the well-trod areas of Corktown, Midtown, and Downtown. · Virtuoso Design Build [Official]
· D:hive [Official]

D:hive Welcome Center

1253 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226