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NIMBY! Proposal For Unreleased Convict Housing Hits Villages

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Islandview — An anonymous tipster is not too happy about the notice he got from the city of Detroit that went to property owners and residents within 300 feet of the nursing home at 130 E. Grand Boulevard. The hearing was scheduled because there is a proposal to turn it into a "Pre-release adjustment center." Translation? A halfway house for un-released convicts! Who is behind all this? Broadway Investment Group put in the application; the company address listed is in Farmington Hills and the name on the LCC is David Friedman, whose real estate group takes credit for getting Quicken Loans into its HQ in downtown Detroit. The hearing is tomorrow at 10 a.m. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Update! Broadway Investment Group and David Friedman were not involved in this proposal. Turns out someone put down the wrong LLC on the application. The paperwork above is supposed to read Broadway Investment LLC.