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5-Hour Energy's Anti-Ad Man

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In this age of Mad Men-watching, it seems like everyone is obsessed with advertising. Especially in Detroit where Chrysler Super Bowl Ads with Eminem sell the city and Toby Barlow, Chief Creative Officer of Team Detroit, is a local celeb. Well EFF THAT says the Farmington Hills-based founder of 5-Hour Energy. Last Sunday, Manoj Bhargava boasted to an audience "about not using an advertising agency for the 5-Hour Energy TV commercials, as well as its poor reviews. An early commercial, he said, took second place in a contest for worst commercial. 'I don’t find ad agencies useful,' Bhargava said. 'They want to win awards; we want to sell stuff,' he told the chamber crowd. 'We wanted to tell people what it does, and they can buy it. It increased our sales by 50 percent in three months. That is what people called ‘the worst ad on TV’? What do these people know about anything?." We dug up a link to the ad from Consumerist, where it was a nominee for Most Grating Performance By a Human. We refuse to watch whatever it was that took first place. [Crain's]