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Jack White once made a Detroit hotel called Yorba famous by singing, "all they got inside is vacancy," which we learn today is no longer true of all Detroit Metro area hotels. The Detroit News reports that they are now 4% less vacant. Which seems like the glass-half-empty way of saying 4% more full, but you know, Detroit hotel news tends to be a downer. For instance, did you know that for 20 years, the Michigan Department of Corrections placed parolees at the Yorba? They stopped in 2003 but let's just say the feeling we get thinking about that is nothing like when the DoubleTree give you a free cookie at check in. BTW, they will be giving out cookies in Campus Martius Park from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday as part of some media hoopla that kicks off official tourist season. [The Detroit News]