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Dessert-Shaped Architecture Down! WSU's Marshmallow Overhang Now Partially Dunzo

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Photographs by Andrew Kopietz.

Wayne State has finally decided that Marshmallows are for melting in hot chocolate, not for attaching to buildings. Yesterday Model D informed us that what is "arguably the ugliest piece of architecture on Wayne State University's campus" is coming down right now. We're talking about the white, plastic canopy at the corner of Cass Avenue and Ferry Street. But listen, Marshmallow lovers, they can't take the whole thing away because it wraps two buildings and WSU does not own the corner one. Intrepid Curbed Photographer Andrew Kopietz took these shots at 5454 Cass yesterday afternoon showing the progress of the facade renovation for the two-story WSU facilities management building. WSU is in talks with the neighboring building owner to to "find more solutions that would remove the "whale tusk" canopy and replace it with something that fits the block's original architecture." We at Curbed hate to see dessert-themed architecture die, but honestly this did not so much say "marshmallow" to us as it said "what WERE they thinking?"

· Wayne State begins taking down marshmallow overhang on Cass [Model D]