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Behold! New Detroit Police & Fire HQ Will Totally Overhaul Old MGM Casino

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Renderings from SmithGroupJJR.

Demo has been underway for a while over at the old MGM Grand Casino site, but it was just today that the city broke ground on the new HQ building for police, fire and emergency management. To recap, this building has a wild history of extreme makeovers; the last big one was from a IRS data center into the slot center that was the MGM Casino! With today's news came new renderings and the good news that this building will no longer be the beige blandness it once was! SmithGroupJJR's new renderings are glassy and classy; quite the improvement for the $60 M makeover. The building will also house the city's Homeland Security offices which were behind that ill-conceived Belle Isle billboard proposal. Here's hoping they don't add anything flashing and excessive to this building, either. As Detroit is always eager for a re-brand, they are changing the building's address to 1301 Third; it was formerly 1300 John C. Lodge Freeway.

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