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Detroit's Newest Gallery Hides in a Former Brewery's Basement

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Last Thursday, Eastern Market was introduced to Detroit's newest gallery space which has been somewhat secretly under renovation since last February. Within the basement of the E & B Brewery Loft building, architect Tadd Heidgerken and his team created a space that manages to feel soaring and spacious while also cavernous and underground. It helped that the 1891 building had been a storage space for the brewery which had dug down deep enough for 14 foot ceilings underground in what now is the main area for art display. Adjacent, there's also a barrel-shaped bricked space which was brilliantly lit for the right mix of spook factor and party atmosphere. Above all that, the ground floor will be used as studio space for the artists. And to whom do we owe the credit for funding all this? Red Bull! That's right, the energy drink company is all hopped up on art and took out a three-year lease for Red Bull House of Art. Is the Detroit gallery just a fun way to encroach on 5-Hour Energy territory? (That company is based in Farmington Hills) In any case, fans of art that just can't be close enough might consider moving in upstairs to the loft apartments. The art is supposed to rotate every 8-10 weeks, so you'll live the perfect distance from the opening parties.

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