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Orchard Anger! City Council Battles Palmer Park Trees

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Somehow, City Council has agreed with residents that think an orchard in Palmer Park is bad news and has asked residents to get rid of 800 trees that were planted last month. An anonymous donor funded the project in the neighborhood that we featured just last week as one amazeballs opportunity for development. The reasoning that tree haters are using? It might attract rodents. To which the tree fans are saying, "Seriously?" A memo from the People for Palmer Park reads:

There are some folks mad about the apple orchard being planted in the Park. The ones that live on the golf course. They are not mad about the prostitution, the litter, the dope selling, the lack of lighting, the dangerous playscape or the pool that was vandalized to the cost of $100,000 this past year. We have to agree that in a city like Detroit no matter where you live, tree anger is misplaced. If you'd like to help the People for Palmer Park, don't just go hugging in the orchard. Show up for the City Council hearing tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., in which residents intend to argue for keeping the trees. Update: A PFPP rep adds that a number of residents that live adjacent to the orchards are in favor of the orchard and helped plant the trees. People for Palmer Park or other PP residents were not approached at all for their side in the first City Council hearing.

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