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One Notorious Detroit Squatter Caught! House Will Be Listed

Here's a house that Trulia says sold for $50,000 last November, but according to the Detroit News, it was once the home of one of the city's most notorious serial squatters. The last sale record was likely from the bank foreclosure on 1295 Balmoral Drive, which is pictured in an article about a fairly awful sounding criminal named Clarence Boykin Jr. who was charged with 11 felonies. His crimes include filing false ownership paperwork on three houses, two of which were in the posh-ish Palmer Woods hood, the neighborhood for elite residents like lawyers and judges. But despite the high-powered people around, the battle against Boykin was hard fought. They say odds are against the would-be-evicting-neighbors; the bank could not help in the recent case against Boykin because the previous owner gets six months to reclaim the property. And so the hood waged a battle, getting power cut off and even trying to glue the locks. Now Boykin is in jail and the News reports that this house will be listed for sale. There is a sales price of $429,328 recorded from 2009 and the place has 4,400 square feet. Not to mention very active neighbors. Check the locks for glue.

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