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Locals Say "No Kahn Do!" To American Beauty Demo Plans

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The Freep is calling it the "latest flash point in the city's long-running debate over preservation." As Wayne State University plans to redevelop the old Dalgleish Cadillac dealership designed by Albert Kahn, they also want to tear down Kahn's American Beauty building for a parking lot. And now locals are saying "No Kahn Do!" They are not buying the argument that the parking lot would be temporary (for example the Hudson's site was demolished in 1998... yep. Still just a lot)

Midtowners and preservationists say Detroit's many surface lots already detract from creation of a walkable urban atmosphere. There are at least seven lots within one block of the American Beauty site. As of this post's publication, 462 people had signed the online petition on to stop the demo. We have to agree with Melanie Markowicz, chair of the nonprofit group Preservation Detroit, that it may not be the most impressive work of architecture (especially for Albert Kahn) but that the building deserves a turn at becoming loft condos. · WSU plan to raze building angers some in Midtown [Freep]
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