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A Round-Up of Real Estate For Endless Summer Pool Partying

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With summertime comes a new concern in real estate amenities: pool access. Last week's 85-degree day was a good reminder that summer cooling can be much more chic than dragging a window unit from the basement to your bedroom window. It can mean sipping Magaritas while you float on a blow-up rafty thing at the condo association pool or — if you are a really lucky bastard (call us!)— in your newly purchased backyard that came with a pool. Here now, with a little help from a new crop of summer interns, we bring you a selection of Detroit area real estate offerings with pool access included. Because sure, you could go "Up North," but downstairs is so much closer.

?8900 E Jefferson Ave # 805, Detroit
The price: $34,000 buys an 800 square-foot condo.
What it gets you: This two-bedroom, one bathroom, comes with access to the condo building's heated outdoor pool. The apartment is not anything too special but we dig the views. And you never know when a shared pool will turn all Melrose Place on you, which is to say maybe someone interesting will buy unit 1120 for $39,900. [Zillow]

? 726 Magnolia Ave., Royal Oak
The price: $189,000 buys a 1,200 square foot suburban home.
What it gets you: The three-bedroom house comes with a what they are calling a HUGE backyard that includes this pool, a patio, a tiki hut, and a koi pond. [Realtor]

? 15600 Windmill Pointe Dr, Grosse Pointe Park
The price: $4,350,000 buys a 12,000-square-foot mansion.
What it gets you: This whooper of a "Lake Front Manor" comes with almost two full acres and it's own private harbor. Which is to say pack your fancy pants and hire a pool boy. Maybe a butler too! [Realtor]

? Detroit City Apartments Unit 1505, Detroit
The price: Rent is $1,205/month for a 1,125 square foot apartment.
What it gets you: Granted, we sort of hate the decor in this building and on this building. And that pool is tiny! But it is also on the roof... which is still rare here. (Though there are rumors Gilbert wants to add an infinity pool to the roof of the new development at the old Hudson's site). The two-bedroom apartment has a private balcony with a great view (meaning you cannot see your own ugly building. Yay!) [Zillow]

?The Pavilion in Lafayette Park, Detroit
The price: Rents start around $680/month for a studio.
What it gets you: Wanna swim a whole lap? You are better off here than Detroit City Apartments. Word is that the Management throws residents-only pool party in August and that last year’s included free food and live music.

? 86 Manor Road Bloomfield Hills, MI
The Price: It was previously listed at $3,999,000 for 6,200 square feet.
What it gets you: This six bedroom is no longer for sale, but is there anything less in the spirit of summer than a photo of a pool all wrapped up for winter? If it pops back on the market, let's hope the agent grabs a new photo of the pool in full swing. With water. Because an empty pool collecting leaves might really be the worst thing ever. [Trulia]

Detroit City Apartments

1431 Washington Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226