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Ootie's Not Opening, Was An "Experiment," Now For Rent

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Photographs by Matt Elliott taken last fall.

When we first told you about Hamtramck's upcoming breakfast/lunch joint, Ootie's we were a bit geeked about the decor. Turns out Torya Blanchard, the crepe place owner that says she decorated the place for her uncle, was too. So much so that after the decor part was done, she completely lost the momentum to open. Or help her uncle open. You see, we are not sure who owns the restaurant anymore (Torya's use of first person below re-confuses the issue), but in any case the Ootie's facebook fan page posted the following message, indicating you can rent the turn-key ready real estate to start your own place.

It's unclear whether the Ootie's sign comes with the place. We suggest texting that number to ask.

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9737 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI