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Comment of the Day

Yes, the homeowners are obviously slobs...but they are not the "professionals" here. Century 21 Realty is the one who should really be reprimanded here for insulting any possible home buyer who would/should be instantly repulsed by these amateur, idiotic photos. Alysa Kowalsky of Century 21: In what way do you actually think this ridiculous listing could actually sell this potentially beautiful home? Send her a note yourself at this link. Call me a "conspiracy theorist," but I see this listing as more than just gross incompetence--I see it as a bellweather of what's REALLY wrong with the real estate market in the city of Detroit: The realty industry's apathy, laziness and actual contempt for these poor suckers who got stuck holding the bag in a piss-poor market. This listing was likely thrown together on this real estate agent's home PC in Farmington Hills. Shame. [Five Bedroom Asks $264,000; We Ask It To Please Clean Up]