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Go Fish! Urban Farming Enthusiast Considers Tilapia Tanks

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Gary Wozniak, a former stockbroker and commercial lender, is a man in tune with fish and this whole urban farming trend.

"Fish don't care if you can read and write. They don't care if you're just coming out of prison," says Wozniak, who was the director of development for SHAR, a nonprofit recovery center in Detroit. Well we certainly cannot argue with that, having seen Charlotte's Web, the movie that taught us that on the farm, it is the spiders that read and write. For the pigs! We digress... The proposal is for a tilapia growing farm that will employ 200 recovering substance abusers and former prisoners. He plans to build it a renovated Detroit industrial building and use tanks that hold 33,000 fish each. But oh fiddle sticks for you fans of fish sticks! He needs $14 M to realize his vision and then, of course, there are those obstacles to urban farming from the city and state that have also held up the Hantz Farm plan. · Visionary hooked on urban fish farm[The Detroit News]