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Greektown Spending $28.6 M for Parking Garage, Restaurant, and The Death of Walking

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The same week New York's Mayor tried to make his residents slimmer with smaller-sized sugary drinks, the Greektown Hotel decided to make Michiganders in the mood for gambling all the more fat. They are spending $28.6 M to ensure that visitors stop walking and eat more decadently. That's right, more parking places and another upscale restaurant! (Right after Detroit' s MGM Casino shuts Wolfgang Puck) The blue-hued Casino Hotel building already has 2,900 garage parking spaces for self-parking at the corner of Monroe and St. Antoine. As that was too much exercise for the average patron, they're adding 850 more garage spaces for valet along with a restaurant and a lazy-maker. Part of the project budget includes an elevated moving walkway because it is a known fact that if Casino patrons move their legs for more than the distance from the slots to the bar, they'll die! It's basically an insurance policy.

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Greektown Casino & Hotel

555 E Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226