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Have a Gander At The Garden Theater's Upcoming Neighbor

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Excuse us if you've seen this one before, but we were just forwarded renderings of the Garden Theater renovation including the new apartment building that is going in next door. Looks like the architects have been hard at work on these images since at least 2009, but with the project finally moving forward it is time for a group oggle. What do we think, commenters? We've got the 47-unit61-unit apartment complex on the corner and the historic theater adjacent. The interior rendering is presumably a concert in the latter, unless these are way more luxe than we ever imagined! The project will be done in about a year and scored some big bucks to finance the whole thing just this April.

Update: Now there are NEW renderings available to oggle!

· Shuttered "Garden Theater" Gets $1 M For $12 M Makeover [Curbed Detroit]

Garden Theater Redevelopment

3929 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI