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El Makeover For Midtown's El Moore Apartment Building

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Midtown's El Moore Apartment Building has some new owners (as of last year) who have been quietly cleaning up the outside in recent weeks. Today they began the decontamination process for the inside but are still in the very early stages of a renovation that might not be completed til 2015 2016. That's a long time to wait but from what Curbed has heard about the plans, this will be one awesome game-changer once it is done. Also of note, the building came with a sweet corner lot that contains the "Welcome to Midtown" Billboard, which as of now they intend to keep. The owners, who asked us not to use their names just yet, have many decisions to make at this point, including how many units the building will have. Curbed will keep you posted as more details are released. [CurbedWire Inbox]

El Moore

624 West Alexandrine Street, , MI 48201 Visit Website