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Updated Renderings for Garden Theater and Woodward Gardens

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Yesterday we brought you some early renderings for the Garden Theater redevelopment, which includes an apartment building on the corner of Woodward Ave now going by the name Woodward Gardens. The 47-unit 61-unit building is at the other end of the block from the city's newest coffee shop, Great Lakes. Our first look at the renderings came from the conceptual design phase so a bit has changed. Here now, the just-released and most-up-to-date versions of what the theater interior and residential development will look like. (They come to us from Architect Michael Poris). What has changed? The size and shape of the Woodward Gardens seems about the same but hello yellow! It's also our first look at the retail space (which will total 11,000 square feet) and some sort of sky-lit atrium space. They are saying the theater will include a full service catering restaurant and conference center. These updates we like! What say you now, commenters?

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Garden Theater Redevelopment

3929 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI