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Wired Reminds Us That You Can’t Forget the Motor City

Wired magazine wants you to know that if you've had just about all the Detroit ruin porn you can take, there is an alternative. They highlight the good work of local photographers Brian Widdis and Romain Blanquart who are trying to tell the anti-ruin porn tale in the series Can't Forget the Motor City. They have been working on it for four years.

“The portrayal Detroiters are used to seeing – crumbling buildings with no people to be seen – is frustrating because they know their city is more than that,” says Detroit photographer Brian Widdis. “Nobody here denies that those things are real, but seeing the city portrayed one-dimensionally – time and again – it’s like hearing the same awful song being played over and over on the radio. Detroiters want to hear a different song once in a while.” · Can't Forget the Motor City [Official]
· Photos of Detroit Need to Move Beyond Ruin Porn [Wired]