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Have Your Say About the Proposed Hotel Charlevoix Demo

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Cancel your happy hour plans! There is a public hearing tonight that should be pretty interesting. Tonight at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center they will discuss the possible demolition of the Hotel Charlevoix building, located near Grand Circus Park. (Meeting starts at 5:30). As the Detroit News told us last week, the place is dropping pieces of itself into the street. Yikes! Let's remember it in more polished times with these postcards and historic images that our friends at dug up. The Charlevoix is owned by Ralph Sachs and has been closed for more than two decades; it opened in 1905 and is across from the classy downtown bar Cliff Bells.

Update: An Historic District Commission staff member has reported that the Charlevoix hearing is scheduled for 7:05 PM.

· [Facebook Page]
· Owner of Detroit's historic Hotel Charlevoix seeks demolition [The Detroit News]

Hotel Charlevoix

2029 Park Ave, Detroit, MI