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Comment of the Day

Real estate listings do not "go viral." Face it Cox, part of your raison d'être here in Detroit is because people priced out of real estate in other markets like to gawk at Detroit mansions that sell in the low six figures. I don't agree that Curbed is responsible for the scrapping, but I don't think it's a stretch to speculate about the possibility that maybe your original post---which did go slightly viral (I saw it in enough non-Detroit friends' facebook feeds with "OMG if only I could live in Detroit" commentary)----wasn't viewed by someone who saw it as a chance to revitalize Detroit and fix it up, but someone who sat down with a calculator and did the math on what the sum of those parts would be (all that leaded glass, frescoes, and other ornament). You are here partly because the Detroit real estate market IS so ridiculous, and that ridiculousness is bound to attract the less savory types now and again. You need to own that. -Anon [The Amazeballs Bank-Owned Van Dyke Mansion Scrapped!]