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Just-Scrapped Van Dyke Mansion Sold Last Month For $115 K

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Credit Jessica Lundgren McCarthy, Lundgren Photography

Last night we broke the news that one of the must stunning properties in the West Village was attacked by scrappers who, thankfully, were arrested yesterday. How did this all come about? Today we are looking at the building sale, which was finalized for cash on May 2. It went for $115,000, which is down from the asking price of $145,000 and it was in foreclosure and bank-owned. Since it is now owned and not listed, we're not likely to get access to the interior to assess the damage any time soon. We imagine it is not good, and the guys had been working on the site for about two weeks. The building is believed to be owned by someone in Findlay Ohio and the workers trucks had the logo for T&T Construction which has an address at 213 E. Crawford Street, Findlay, OH 45840. In the meantime, we've acquired a gallery of interior photos taken before the scrap attack this year from Jessica Lundgren McCarthy of Lundgren Photography.

Update: To be clear, all signs point to the owners as the bad guys on this one. It seems they bought the building to scrap and sent that crew. They did not have the permits or approval to do this, which are needed in Nationally Recognized Historic District.

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