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Auto-Themed Without the Kitsch Factor: The Excellent Conversion of a Garage to Restaurant

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Turning an Auto Garage into a restaurant without erasing the original character is not easy. In order for the place to be clean enough to serve food and pass inspections, many would encourage you to strip out all the old quirks, paint it white and start over. The owners of the just-opened Vinsetta Garage restaurant (not to be confused with Vinsetta Grill) cared too much about the patina of the old place to do that. We talked to Ann Stevenson, who is largely responsible for the decor, about collecting eclectic industrial lights for the place, honoring the 1919 building, and keeping the wear of the walls while still making the place feel clean. The skylights needed new glass, but you can see the old glass re-used in various parts of the restaurant. The back area which can be reserved as a private space was once an apartment within the garage and a few of the lights are new—Tom Dixon designs. Our favorite detail? The front area is papered with old tickets for service from the historic garage. That they managed to be faithful to a theme without being kitschy or TGI Friday's-ish is impressive.

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Vinsetta Garage

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