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Hot Bodies Deserve Hot Design: Yoga Shelter Comes to Midtown

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M1/DTW, the design firm behind the Mills Pharmacy renovation just completed a new midtown project, housed in a Wayne State Parking garage structure. Yoga Shelter, which has four locations in the burbs, opened their first Detroit studio last Saturday. Never mind all the spandex-clad, super-toned people with their butts in the air. What is hot in there is the design! The firm used an inexpensive fir plywood for the surfaces and installed a bamboo floor in the studio. The space was previously one large concrete shell but now has a series of rooms leading up to the studio. Seems like just last Monday, we were falling in love with Midtown's new coffee shop. It's too soon to say the neighborhood is on a roll, but all signs point to the place being pretty spiffy by the time Whole Foods arrives.

Photographs by Jon Kung.

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Yoga Shelter Midtown

69 West Forest St., Detroit, MI 48201