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Fourth St Near New Center Makes Peace With Weird Location

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Curbed Best Blocks coverage is a round up of the the city's most desirable places to live. At least in our humble opinion. We wanted to highlight special places that don't necessarily have listings right now, but that we'd sure like to swoop in on the next time something becomes available. See a block we missed? Tell us about it.

Remember the Fourth Street Fair? We've been unable to confirm if the block party is coming back this year, but we sure hope so. Welcome to Fourth Street between Holden Street and the Freeway, just outside New Center. It is the first block we are highlighting in our first ever post in the Best Blocks of Detroit series. Why do we love it so much? It's certainly not the most pristine block in the city, but it pulls off an pretty amazing feat: it makes living at the armpit of the Lodge Freeway and I-94 seem desirable, even quaint and peaceful.
This is a tree-lined street with fields (parks) at each end; the block has no shortage of green space and one row of houses looks onto the playground of the adjacent school. It is an ideal location for anyone that works in Tech Town or truly appreciates the Northern Lights Lounge on W. Baltimore. While it's nothing too fancy, someone has taken the care to decorate the hood with what looks like found-item art, including one of the most rad car sculptures we've seen in a while. As a dead-end style street, the place is peaceful (like the signs on the porches) and low on traffic. Large houses line the block, but a mid-block apartment building offers a classy rental option and it seems like several homes have more than one unit. Zillow reports that a four-apartment building sold for $56,000 in July 2011.

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