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The Bottom Line Coffee Shop Aims To Open In a Month

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Best way to make a rental apartment building more appealing? Rent out the first floor commercial space to a coffee shop. Over on Third Street, the Beethoven Apartments are getting their long-awaited Bottom Line Coffee House on the first floor. Owners Al and Pat Harris say they're aiming to get open within the next month. We've been hearing about this one "coming" for a long time, but it took as long as it took and that's about all the owners will say. In any case, Third Street in the Midtown area is a nice quiet place to live so a new business is a welcome addition that will hopefully turn more people on to the area. The owner's son, Kyle, who lives upstairs in the apartments, will be managing the shop. Our favorite feature might just be the gigantic old wood door on the walk-in fridge that came with the place but the terrazzo floor is a pretty good touch as well. Natch, Al Harris did a fabulous job on the big exterior sign, as he owns a sign and graphics company.

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Bottom Line Coffee House

4474 3rd St, Detroit, MI 48201