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County is Selling Foreclosures to the Public (Again) Tomorrow

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For the last two years, in the fall, Wayne County (home to Detroit) has auctioned off foreclosed properties (buildings and vacant lots) in an online bidding system. Starting tomorrow, the online foreclosure sale is back but the bidding is closed! That means you have to place your offer without the benefit on a system that shows you who bid against you. Wayne County will be accepting offers from June 22 to July 10. If you have a winning bid the Treasurer's office will email you by July 11. So what's available? If you've participated in the last auction it is nothing new. The 5,867 properties available are what did not sell in the last tax auction. Dig through the list and see a gem? Let us know what looks hot! The Why Don't We Own This? map is updated with availabilities.

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