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Why Is That "For Sale" Sign Still Up On W Canfield Street?

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In April we informed you that a house on the best block of Detroit sold in one week. But then we noticed the For Sale sign back in the yard and heard rumors that the real estate agent was showing it again. Turns out the first buyer did not close and it did pop back on. Our intern reports that he spoke to someone at the Webber/Snow real estate agency who says there is another pending offer on the place. Will it go all the way this time? Last we checked, that for sale sign is up so you might still be able to get a peek inside. But no one has called us back about it today. The asking price is $175,000.

Update: We got a call back from the agent confirming there is a pending offer again but that she did show it again after the first offer fell through. The new closing date is in August and they won't be showing the home any more in the meantime. We'll update you on the final sales price when we see it.

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