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Downtown's Upcoming Bar Adorns Self With Statue of David

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This morning we learned that Greektown is dead. Or at least it is not Greek anymore. But that does not mean you can't see some nice Greco-Roman* statues in Detroit. Just pop over to the scene of the upcoming bar at Clifford Street which the people behind Louie's Ham & Corned Beef are working on. Sometime in the last few days, the corners got a male nude (David) and a scantily clad gal to adorn the corners. Oh and a giant American flag for the roof. Go 'Merica! Well in any case, it is nice to see the building that was exploded for a movie (Red Dawn) with glass in the windows for the first time in a long time. Now what can the statues possibly be trying to tell us about the interior decor to come? It's all Greek to us. * Ok so we did not really pay attention in Art History. Technically David is an Italian Renaissance sculpture.

· Building Exploded For Red Dawn To Be Chain Bar/Eatery [Curbed Detroit]