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Zombie Apocalypse Theme Park Will Fix Neighborhood Blight

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In these tough times for Detroit neighborhoods we are all about creative solutions. We're also all about fun fun fun in the form of theme parks. So Z World Detroit, the proposal to make a zombie theme park in a blighted neighborhood, is just so genius we might need three of them. Not convinced? Well the crack team of researchers have Data Driven Detroit figures, a crowd-sourcing-style fundraising campaign and they say things like "this is not about complaining about Detroit, it is about doing something about it." So clearly they have figured out the formula for Detroit success. (Though a tweet from the Mayor might be needed to get all the way to the $145,000 Goal. Who knew zombies were so expensive!)

If there is one thing Detroiters love, it is running. Sure, Michigan is a "fat state" but let's not forget all that great cardio to be had "running for your life" between trips to our plethora of burger joints and BBQ places. According to Z World, at the theme park you will be

chased down by Zombies, chased through the streets, you'll be running for your life hiding out in buildings, looking for supplies and trying to establish a base. This sounds a lot like all that fun we had during the 1960s race riots. It is nice to know that Z Land is finally going to capitalize on our love of adrenaline rushes and nostalgia. Now even visitors from the 'burbs can "wonder if they will make it through the night." And new Detroiters that missed "rock bottom" can pay to have a more terrifying version of the city re-created. (No word on those admission fees yet but someone had better make sure they know to include a Coney Dog stand.) So we're totally convinced but if you are not ready to hit the donate button yet to ensure that at least one Detroit hood is warmed with the sounds of screaming at all hours, here's a bit more of the pitch and the five-minute video plan.

· Z World Detroit [Indiegogo]