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Comment of the Day

Here is my take as someone who lives in Corktown, very close to the site. Are the Imagination Station people more talk than action? Maybe, but at least there is action. The reason that the community has been supportive is because worst case scenario, a building gets torn down and turned into green space and another gets renovated and used. How is this a bad thing? It's not. And it's more than what is being done with tons of other properties all over metro-Detroit. How are we talking about if this is "ImagStat"s fault? No, if someone's house gets burned by an arsonist, or burned at all(!), I would hope we would say, "I'm so sorry that happened to you/your family. What can I do to help?" Maybe they are and maybe they aren't white hipsters etc., but if they are doing something even remotely productive, why are we bashing them at all, let alone after a fire? -Anon [This Morning Imagination Station Was Pretty Much Torched]