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Evidence That Two Dudes in Royal Oak Have Better Taste Than Anyone Else in Metro Detroit

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Photos by Nick Hagen.

Metro Detroit is not what one would call a paragon of great taste (in general). At least as far as the rest of the country is concerned. National home decor magazines don't cover this region, and with good reason. But if there are two guys to change that, they are Kyle Evans and Michael Chetcuti who renovated a 1950/60s building (the old Hinson Heating & Air Conditioning) into a modern roof-decked-out wonder of mid-century modern finds. With vintage cars parked in the living room. It is a 5,600-square-foot brightly-lit ode to the auto. Don't you dare call it a man cave.
· The pair came up with most of the interior design themselves. The staircase was inspired by one that they saw in a car museum in Germany. (Meilenwerk)

· The home's second level is almost all outdoor party deck. Can't make it to the L.A. Standard Hotel? If you are there on a warm day, you might not know the difference. The big grey deck furniture you see in the photos is a design they came up with themselves.

· They collaborated and customized. The metal railing with a dot pattern is an interpretation of the trees that line the street outside the home. By taking pictures standing below the trees and looking up at leaves in the sun, they generated the dots and then had the pattern cut into the steel.

· So there is a car in the living room... it could be gimmicky but it really suits the style of this couple. And accentuates the look of the mid-century pieces. Kyle is an exterior stylist for Chrysler and a transportation design instructor at the College for Creative Studies. Michael is the CEO of Quality Metalcraft Inc and a principal in Streetcar USA. He works on parts for specialty and niche vehicles and, in partnership with designer Camilo Pardo, Quality Metalcraft manufactured key stampings for Pardo’s design of the Ford GT.

· Amenities! There is a custom-built murphy bed for guests. The Kitchen's range is part of a seamless stainless-steel island made out of leftovers from the one in the Detroit MotorCity Casino Hotel’s which Chet's firm fabricated.

· One bathroom has a urinal they wanted to preserve from the building's previous life as an office. The other has a sink that was custom poured by the local celebrity restaurant owner and former-model, Phil Cooley. But the real crowning piece in there is the shower that looks out onto the courtyard of bamboo.

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