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Detroit Light Rail Plan Does What it Does Best: Stalls Again!

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Detroit's Light Rail plans, like the public bus from the airport to downtown, are slow moving. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood did not green light the project for a 3.3-mile light rail line on Woodward Avenue this morning. Instead he gave Detroit another 60 days to "address concerns about actual costs of building and long-term operation of M-1 rail." It would seem one of the main problems is our missing Regional Transit Authority.

The $137 million project needs federal funding to proceed. M-1 has raised about $84 million from donors but is seeking about $40 million in federal grants. ....Major corporate and civic leaders behind the M-1 effort are Penske; Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans; Peter Karmanos of Compuware; Mike Ilitch of the Ilitch Companies, and Rip Rapson, president and CEO of the Kresge Foundation, the largest donor to the project at $35 million. Well we suppose 60 days is not that much more to wait, right? Maybe in the meantime they can work the branding into the Rail Car renderings? We're curious to see how the Quicken Loans, Little Caesars, Compuware, and Red Wings logos look together taking a jaunt down the center of the Motor City. · Feds say they still aren't sold on 3.3-mile Woodward light rail plan [Freep]