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GM Car Attacks GM's HQ: Ren Cen Glass Gets Smashed!

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Yesterday we passed by this scene around 2:00 p.m. at the Ren Cen, where it appears that someone was hoping to turn the revolving doors into a drive-through. The crowd was somewhat in awe as they stopped in their tracks on the way to Hart Plaza to wonder WTF with us and take photos. Today the Detroit News releases a teeny-tiny news item on this big mess in which we learn that yes, the car that smashed into GM's headquarters was made by the company. It was a Chevy Monte Carlo. The driver was 26, is now in police custody, and "may have been mentally challenged." What is it they say about Chevy being like a rock? In any case, clearly people in glass HQs should not throw them, nor try to catch them.

Update: Jalopnik has more on how this accident got so out of hand.

· Car crashes into front doors of Renaissance Center [The Detroit News]

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